2023 Holy Day Season

With the turning of the new Roman year, we now look forward to a new holy day season beginning in the spring. The holy day calendar for the year 2023 is as follows:

  • First Day of Sacred Year - Thursday, March 23
  • Passover - Wednesday, *April 5
  • Days of Unleavened Bread - Thursday, April 6 to Wednesday, April 12
  • Day of Pentecost _ Sunday, May 28
  • Feast of Trumpets - Saturday, September 16
  • Day of Atonement - Monday, September 25
  • Feast of Tabernacles - Saturday, September 30 to Friday, October 6
  • Last Great Day - Saturday, October 7
* Passover is observed on Tuesday, April 4 just after sunset.

Further details for the observance of God's holy days in Central New Jersey will posted in the early spring. If you have questions about these observances please contact our local pastor, Mr.Kevin Epp:

To learn more about the biblical festivals that the early New Testament Church kept, check out this fascinating video series, Feasts of the Lord at Life, Hope & Truth!